Abbreviation Description
AU Author
TI Title
LH Library Holdings
IM Imprint
SA Source Author
ST Source Title
SO Source
SP Source Page
SeT Series Title
SeV Series Volume
CN Call number

Below are two examples of citations. As you can see, each field is listed on a separate line without adopting any specific citation styles:

Journal article

AU: Halliday , Juat Leng.
TI: NUS and ANU offer joint science Honours programme
ST: Knowledge Enterprise
SO: Nov/Dec 2004, 4, 5
SP: 13
Available at Central Library; Available Online - Access Here

Within the source field (SO), Nov/Dec 2005 refers to the year the article was published, 4 and 5 refer to the volume and issue respectively. 13 refers to the source page number (SP). Click on the hyperlink ('Access Here') for the electronic version of the title if available.


TI: Onsite@OED
LH: Issue 1 (Jan. 2000)-.
IM: Singapore: Office of Estate and Development, National University of Singapore,
Available at Central Library; Available Online - Access Here

LH refers to issues available in NUS Libraries' collection. It may not correspond to the years of publication.


AU: Pang, Eng Fong; Leong, Lee Voon
TI: Report on the 1975 employment survey of Nanyang University graduates
IM: Singapore: Economic Research Centre, University of Singapore, 1976
CN: HD6278.12 Pan
Available at Central Library